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Safeguard your vulnerable information

At Ruffles we know more about Security Shredding than most. Our website has been responsible for supplying well over 20,000 businesses and consumers, and we are generally recognised as the largest independent supplier of shredders in the UK.  Along with our success of supplying shredders in-house we have seen a massive rise in the use of mobile shredding services and now work together with ‘The Shredding Alliance’ to offer our

Brilliant Customers an unrivalled nationwide on and off-site secure destruction service, which is a fully flexible and personal service.

Your company collects a host of information on paper, computers, or storage Media like CD’s and zip drives which could be a huge risk to your business in the wrong hands. According to the BBC Money Programme the cost of identity theft in the UK is approximately £1.7bn and is increasing at the phenomenal rate of 500% a year. This has become the most costly security risk every business faces.

Make sure that you do not become a victim of Data Theft.

Is shredding a legal requirement?

No, but taking the proper steps to secure information is. Every business has a responsibility to securely dispose of employees’ confidential information, including personal files or payroll records, and it’s vital to protect customer lists, client information, credit card receipts, and other information that can be used to steal identities or to compromise your business.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has the power to issue penalties up to £500,000 if a business is found in breach of the Data Protection Act. Under this act, an organisation should not discard intact customer, staff or supplier information, and shredding offers the most environmentally friendly solution.

Should we shred documents in-house or outsource the service?

BOTH!  By using our Nationwide Mobile Security Shredding Service we can shred, bale and recycle, ensuring that your shredded paper is processed back into products, such as kitchen paper or facial tissues – perfect for those one off occasions where a ‘Purge Service’ is required or if a more regular collection service is needed.

Alternatively, we supply nearly 500 shredder variants on our website suitable for offices of any size. From home office to large heavy duty machines, and from basic security (A4 into 30 pieces) to maximum security (A4 sheet 15,000 pieces), we have the right shredder for you. Many of the machines we supply take staples, paperclips and CDs to make life easier. We will identify the perfect shredder or option to meet your needs.

What services?

We offer a range of lockable consoles, bins and security sacks which can either be shredded on-site or off-site by fully screened and accredited TSA members and Associates partners who are all strong regional players locked together in a nationwide alliance.  Once shredded we can offer a full audit trail of your waste including a certificate of destruction, as these shredded pieces are then baled into manageable cubes which are immediately sent for recycling, and the resultant products are fed back into the economy by way of an eco friendly ‘secure closed loop recycling service’.  Your shredded paper could eventually be reprocessed up to 7 times, ensuring that you are disposing of waste responsibly.

shredding-boxWhat media can we destroy?

P – Paper Based Products
F – Film Based Products including Micro-film, Slides etc.
O – Optical Media including CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-ray etc.
T – Magnetic Tapes and Data Media like Floppy Discs, ID Cards, Magnetic Tapes, and Cassettes etc.
H – Hard Drives from Computers, Laptops, and External Devices
E – Electronic Data Media like memory sticks, cards, solid state drives mobile phones

Security Requirements?

We can provide a suitable level of cover irrespective of your Security Requirements – for individuals and Commercial Enterprises, UK National Infrastructure to the most secure Government Agencies.

EN BS 15713:2009 British European Standard for Secure Destruction of Confidential Material
DIN 66399 European Standard for Data Bearing Media – Formally DIN 32757
Business Impact Levels BIL-1 to BIL-6 Cabinet Office HMG IA Standard No. 1
CPNI Standard Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure – UK Government Physical Destruction of Sensitive Items
SEAP Standard Security Equipment Assessment Panel SEAP 8100 Destruction Equipment and SEAP 8200 Central Destruction Facilities
HMG IA Standard Protective Marking Level
CESG The National Technical Authority for Information assurance
CAS-D CAS Service Requirement Destruction – CESG approved assured service
DIPCOG Defence Infosec Product Co-Operation Group (UK)
BSIA British Security Industry Association
ADISA Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance
NAID National Association for Information Destruction
CSE UK Government Catalogue of Secure Equipment contact CPNI

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