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Take A Seat

Take a Seat - is it comfortable?

Well-being, comfort and good posture are so important in the modern workplace, there is a reason that the price of buying a chair varies so much – A chair that is going to be used continuously throughout every day of the week is going to need to be sturdier and more durable than a spare operators chair that sits in the corner for occasional hot desking.

Once you have identified the type of chair required, there are many other features to consider to ensure you have exactly the right chair at the right specifications.

Things to consider include:

Adjustable Height

The first thing to look for, and generally found in most chairs, is a height adjustable seat.


Do you need to be able to move the seat around without moving the whole chair?

Adjustable Backrest & Lumbar Support

Avoid back pains from bad posture.

Seat Material

You spend a lot of time sat on it, make sure it is comfortable!

Adjustable Armrests

With arms, without arms…if you have arms, make sure they adjust to the height you require.