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Irsara Waste Compactor

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Introducing the IRSARA Multi-chamber-press C800 – Your Solution for Efficient Waste Management.

This innovative multi-chamber press has been ingeniously designed for versatility and durability, with a zinc-plated structure to withstand damp or external environments. Unlike other Baling Press Chambers, the unit can be used in an outside environment, with reasonable protection (e.g. in a shaded area), and its modular design enables the addition of chambers as your waste management needs evolve, ensuring a scalable solution that grows with your business.

·         Multi-chamber Balers Overview
·        Maximises Recycling Rates
·        Reduces Contamination
·        Enhances Resource Recovery
·        Saves Energy and Resources
·        Educates and Engages Employees
·        Demonstrates Commitment to Sustainability
·        Meets Regulatory Compliance
·        Reduces Carbon Footprint
·        Encourages Circular Economy Principles

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