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Bic Rocketbook

Bic Rocketbook

Introducing The Bic Rocketbook - Save your notes. Save the planet.

The Rocketbook Core is designed for the classroom, office, and personal mission. The Core is a reusable pen and paper notebook with dot grid templates that connect to cloud services. With 42 futuristic pages made with patented reusable Core technology, the synthetic paper allows you to write smoothly with any Pilot FriXion pen, then wipe clean with a damp cloth to reuse again. For use with the free Rocketbook app to save notes and ideas to the cloud for organisation. Supplied complete with a FriXion pen eraser and cloth.

  • Size: A5 and A4
  • 42 Reusable pages with dot grids
  • Reusable paper technology which wipes clean with a damp cloth
  • Environmentally friendly design prevents paper wastage
  • Traditional handwriting experience
  • Scan, store and share notes digitally through the free app
  • Colour: Black & Teal
  • Pack contains: Smart Notebook plus Pilot FriXion pen and cloth

Common Questions

What is the added value of Rocketbook notebooks?

Rocketbook notebooks are connected and reusable notebooks. Thanks to the application you can scan all your notes and organize them in your different locations (Google Drive, emails, OneNote, Slack etc.) Once your notes are digitized, you only need a little water to erase your notebook and reuse it. This is a more ecological approach because you don’t waste paper anymore and a single notebook can be reused several times.

Is it suitable for left-handed people?

Rocketbook products can obviously be used by left-handed people. The most recommended model is the FLIP model which, because of its notebook shape, avoids ink smudges.

What is paper made of?

Paper is made from minerals. This is a unique technology that allows the paper to be erased and also makes it tearproof!

What is the difference with a tablet?

Rocketbook is a notebook! It is not an electronic object that requires a power supply and an internet connection itself. It is still a notebook with a pen, so you have the pleasure of writing by hand. It is the Rocketbook application that allows the products to be used digitally.

What is the difference with scanning a cell phone?

The main difference is the reuse of the notebook. Indeed, you can scan your notes as with another classic scanning application but you can also erase your notebook and reuse it several times.

Is the notebook complicated to use (different steps etc.)?

The Rocketbook notebook is very simple to use. Here are the different steps in order:

1.Download the free Rocketbook application on your smartphone
2.Write on your notebook with the erasable pens
3.Scan your note page using the Rocketbook app
4.Send your note to the location of your choice
5.Erase your note with the microfiber towel and a little water

And start over!

Can I write with other pens than Frixion?

Yes, you can write with any pen, felt-tip pen, erasable highlighter (with gel-thermosensitive technology)

Can we write with different colors? Or only in black?

You can write with any color of erasable pens or markers. 

What happens if I write with a non-erasable pen?

The trace of the pen will remain. It is absolutely necessary to use an erasable gel pen if you want to erase your Rocketbook.

Is the pen sold with it?

Yes, a pen is sold in the pack along with a microfiber towel to erase your notes.

How many times can I delete pages?

Rocketbook pages can be erased up to 1000 times!

Do pen marks remain after the page is erased?

If the writing has been on the page for several months, it is possible that it will leave traces, especially if the pressure on the paper is strong enough. It is recommended to erase your Rocketbook every week or at the most to leave the note for 1 month to avoid all possible traces.

Can I erase with the pen’s eraser?

It is not recommended to erase with the eraser of the erasable pen. It weakens the paper a lot. It can be used occasionally for small mistakes.

Can I erase without the microfiber towel?

Without the microfiber towel, you can erase your notebook with a tissue or a piece of paper towel with a little water.

How can I erase mistakes?

A little water with the microfiber towel will erase the various mistakes. Alternatively, the eraser on the pen can be used for small mistakes, but this should be done occasionally.

Are the products made from recycled material?

Yes, our products are made from 40% recycled material.

Are the products recyclable?

Yes, the products are recyclable except for the spiral of the notebooks which is not.

Is the packaging recyclable ?

Yes, all our packaging is recyclable.

Are the products reusable ?

Yes, all our products are reusable and reduce paper waste. Reusability is a major benefit of our products.

Is the application free?

Yes, the application is free.

Is the application available on IOS and Android?

Yes, it is available on IOS and Android.

Which applications are compatible with Rocketbook?

Several applications are available with Rocketbook: Google drive, Email, Evernote, Slack, Dropbox, OneNote, OneDrive, iMesage, iCloud, Trello etc.

Can I edit the text once it is scanned?

Once scanned, the note will be automatically transformed into a PDF. It can be modified if you have an application designed for this purpose. The note can also be transformed into computer text thanks to OCR (Optical character recognition). This computer text can be directly modified.

In which formats can we send our notes?

The notes can be sent in PDF, JPEG or computer text with the OCR function.

Is the data safe?

Yes, the data is safe on the Rocketbook application. When a scan is performed, it will be stored on your phone as well as on the location you choose as a destination (Google drive, OneNote etc.) The notes will then be safe under the rules of the chosen location.

If you enable Handwriting Recognition (OCR) and any other function that will require recognition of your handwriting (Smart tiltes/smart tags etc.) the notes will also be stored on a secure Rocketbook server.

How long does it take to scan the pages?

Scanning is done very quickly on the application. It takes less than 20 seconds to scan a page of notes.

Can I scan several pages at once?

Yes, you can scan several pages in a row in order to group several pages of notes on the same document.

Do I have to scan all the notes?

No, not necessarily, the application allows you to scan notes that you want to keep. You can write a note and then delete it when you don’t need it anymore without scanning it.

Is the OCR not working? Is this normal?

First of all, it is important to check if you have activated the OCR in your Rocketbook application. It is an option that requires authorization.

Just select a destination -> then “Handwriting recognition” -> then “on”.

Warning: OCR will then only be activated for the chosen destination. If you want to use it on another destination, you will have to repeat the same process. 

The OCR depends greatly on the readability of the written text. The more legible your letters and sentences are, the better the OCR will work.