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Local spend boosts the local economy, creates local jobs and generates local wealth in and around Reigate.


Quite simply, less packaging, less travelling, less fuel = Less carbon emissions and a healthier environment. Who doesn’t want that?


Local businesses support local events, charities, sports clubs, school events, libraries, amenities…If our local businesses thrive, so do our communities. We are all in this together.


Buying local not only boosts the economy, but it also helps local people in Reigate to pay their bills and feed their families; be it the local butcher, hairdresser, jeweller, stationer…as opposed to fattening the wallets of large far away corporations. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is the need to support each other.


Local businesses tend to be run by local people, not corporate boards, uninterested shareholders or algorithms. Meet real people, face-to-face, that care about your local area. Also great for your personal mental well-being.


Build relationships with other local businesses and individuals, creating partnerships with mutual benefits and support. Who knows, your local contact might just be able to provide your son or daughter with their first work experience or next career path!


Know what you are buying when you shop locally. Local businesses are less likely to offer poor quality goods as they know they deal face-to face with customers unlike large online corporations. You know where they are if you do need to complain!


Though large retailers and big-box companies offer a wide selection; the variety is decided by small groups of corporate buyers. Real choice comes from dozens of independent businesses tailoring their goods and services to their unique community needs. Buying local and supporting local, keeps these options viable.


You can rest-assured that your local independent business will be paying their fair share of corporation tax, rent, council tax, income tax and national insurance, contributing to the wealth of our nation. Not everyone can say that.


We all know it is best to buy local, yet sometimes the temptation to just go online or open the App of a global company with super-fast delivery is just too tempting, despite the extra cost to the environment, the additional packaging, the transportation, the damage to our local community…Taking that time to stop, re-consider and Keep It Local will give you a much warmer and more satisfying experience.


Our Specialist Trading Websites...

Before many office supplies companies had even discovered the internet, Don Ruffles Limited had already launched their first website and were supplying happy customers around the UK.  With hundreds of thousands of these customer,s we have continued the success story and now supply our valued customers more products and more choice than ever to help them source amazing products.  Don Ruffles Limited now power 8 Specialist trading webstores, backed up by our hugely experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff who are on hand to supply product advice and helpful support.

Dr Office – 30,000 Office Products Available Next Day

Office supplies, stationery, facilities & janitorial products, machinery, workwear, PPE and consumables – all your regular Office Products supplied under one roof to help run your business + Interest Free Credit Account + Free UK Returns + Low price guarantee + Order history and much more – Over 15,000 Office Furniture Products and Accessories

Welcome to the UK’s best value and most responsive Office Furniture website.  We have completely redesigned and invested in a brand-new trading site allowing our customers to ‘virtually’ build their ideal furniture online.  As you select different colours, seat backs, leg/arm types, fabrics etc. see images, URLs, pricing, delivery options, change immediately.  With 30 years’ experience selling furniture, Ruffles supply responsive seating, desks, tables, screens, filing cabinets and many more related products to suit your requirements and budget. – Office Machines and Consumables to run your Business

Exceptional low prices you need and all the information you require on a wide range of specialist business machines used to help run every business.  We are associated with the UK’s No.1 OfficeMachines distributor and supply fanatical customer service, product data & content, with next day delivery & returns for over 40 brands, and categories including binding machines, laminators, labellers, dictation machines, trimmers & guillotines, printers, faxes, cameras, scales, money counters and many more.

Our huge range of Packaging & Warehousing products are designed to increase user productivity and profitability, to help every business of any size with their packaging requirements and to improve all of our sustainability by reducing packaging waste and plastic content.  As part of our continued focus on product innovation we are developing a range of new eco-friendly packaging alternatives, including innovative strapping, stapling, banding and binding machines, fulfilment products, envelopes & postal bags, tapes and films. – The UK’s Largest Independent Suppliers of Shredders

With sales in excess of £25,000.000 Ruffles are the largest independent specialist shredder supplier in the UK and can provide machines from home to industrial heavy duty use for every security level. But it’s not just about destroying paper – we offer high security crypto products for government usage, automatic feeding, cardboard packaging recycling products, optical media shredding for CDs/DVDs, hard drives shredders + our own service & preventative maintenance contract engineers, extended warranties, and renewable service contracts.

The PPE Online Shop – Personal Protection Equipment

PPE or ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ are products designed to help protect users against health or safety risks at work & play, and at this unprecedented time have potential to greatly reduce the spread of infectious diseases. Items include face, head, & body protection masks, visors, & gloves; cleaning, wiping & sanitising products plus specific social distancing welfare products. – Office and Domestic Safes and Filing Products

Whatever items that you need to protect, choose the widest product ranges of security safes available in Europe – keep your valuables, keys, money, documents, data media, hardware, and hard drives safe.  Our suppliers include industry leading Chubbsafes, Phoenix, Burtonsafes, MasterLock, Churchill & Sentry Safes.