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Don Ruffles Limited Launches Innovative Service Empowering Charities to Generate Income through Every Purchase

Innovative CSR Initiative:

In line with its Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments, Don Ruffles Limited is committed to finding impactful ways to support its valued charities, organisations, trusts and schools. The newly launched service allows these entities to earn a percentage of sales made through a dedicated page, offering an ideal solution for organisations seeking vital income for their worthwhile causes.

This initiative can also be used by our corporate customers that support a charity via their own CSR Policy.

How it Works:

Whether it’s supporters, corporate partners, parents of pupils, or individuals, anyone can contribute effortlessly. By making purchases through a unique page, a percentage of the sale goes directly into the charity’s pot. Currently, Don Ruffles has its PPE & Workwear, Shredders, and Office Machines already site live on the portal.

Unique Price-Scraping Software:

As an added benefit for supporters, Don Ruffles has it’s unique price-scraping software. This innovative tool actively searches for the best prices online, allowing supporters to not only contribute to the charity pot but also save money and time on their purchases, knowing they are buying from the best possible source.

The project is facilitated through a third-party, and registration is free. Organisations can earn up to 6% of the sales, enabling their charity pots to grow rapidly with each order placed.

Expanding Support:

Don Ruffles has ambitious plans to expand its support further by adding its office supplies, safes, furniture, and packaging sites to the portal. This strategic move aims to help its partners gain even more vital income for their causes.

“At Don Ruffles Limited, we understand the importance of supporting the community and making a positive impact. Our CSR initiative aligns with our core values, and we are excited about the potential to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it most,” said Mark Allan, General Manager at Don Ruffles Limited.

Why not see a live page in action here:

Get Involved:

Any fundraising organisation interested in joining this initiative can complete the form below.