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Keeping The Office Safe After COVID

COVID Office Supplies

Keeping Staff Safe with our COVID Office Supplies

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the way most offices work with many employees still not returning back to the office and taking more of a working from home or hybrid way of working.

This is great for a work life balance but it does have a massive effect on the economy with businesses that support workers like sandwich shops, cafes, bars and coffee shops taking a hit and sadly closing down.

Getting staff back to the office has been a priority of the government but it’s still important that you keep staff safe and also confident in the workplace, especially when we see spikes in COVID rates as we are seeing during the winter for 2022/23. There is some great advice for businesses that are wanting to get back to the office.

Here at Don Ruffles, we have helped many of our customers, which stretches into the thousands, with COVID Office Supplies to help make the transition back to the office.

Having Hand Gels become a part of life for us all, either personal gel, stand up gels in pubs and restaurants and also in many establishments like retail shops. To help save on plastics, we have seen a big increase on the 5 Litre refills to top up bottles around the office.

During the lead-up to Christmas and the increase of parties, that we can now enjoy, our COVID testing and staff welfare kits proved popular as many businesses offered these to the workers before meeting up and running the risk of spreading any positive results.

To help vulnerable staff feel safe and enter the workplace, some of our customers are offering face coverings or more protective face covers for workers and indeed visitors to the sites. We have different types of coverings available for both personal when travelling to work or when in the office.

Some establishments and offices still like to remind staff about distancing and certainly with hygiene, so we have also listed safety signs and stickers which can be placed around the office and workplace.

It’s not only COVID Office Supplies that we can offer but we are also supporting our customers with revamping the office landscape with hybrid working desks, home working furniture for staff, breakout areas and also more private spaces like soundproof meeting booths, all to help reshape the office and get people back to working in a safe manor. Please see our office furniture website or contact us for more information on this.



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