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Germ Savvy from Rapesco

Germ Savvy from Rapesco Office Supplies Products

Germ-Savvy™ - Improve hygiene wherever you are working.

With selected Rapesco products Germ-Savvy™ antimicrobial agent is added to the external plastic parts during manufacture and provides protection for the lifetime of the product.

  • Kills 99% of bacteria
  • Permanently reduces the risk of infection from plastic parts
  • Improves hygiene levels in the school, office and home
  • Products are proven European best sellers
  • Same buying prices, no price premiums
  • Certified by SGS to ISO standards

The Rapesco Germ-Savvy ranges is available from our office supplies website, where you will also fine most of the Rapesco products.

Germ Savvy includes products that might be shared around the office like staplers, punches, perforators and also a colourful range of display books.

Visit our site now for your Germ Savvy products from Rapesco.

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