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Introducing the HSM Profipack Cardboard Shredder


Spending Over £100 a month on Void Fill Products?

Then Check out our HSM C400 Profipack produces  free packaging matts, allowing you to recycle your waste cardboard boxes, and saves buying plastic packaging to help protect our environment too.

  • 415x10mm Entry Throat (Boxes)

415x10mm Entry Throat (Boxes)

What Other Customers Say…

“Was a bit worried this machine would have some limitations…. However, it works really well just the thing for a mail order company sending out 100 boxes a day. Luckily we have a good supply of old boxes from other companies on our estate so should be able to save a fortune in lose fill. Machine doesn’t jam and card comes out surprisingly soft. Very happy.

“This machine delivers everything as promised. Nice and neat and perfect for any business that wants to go a little greener”

“An excellet product.  Does everything we require (quietly) which was a major concern in our working environment”

The ProfiPack 400 is HSM’s entry-level tabletop Cardboard Perforator capable of continuous operation and can shred cardboard to produce high-quality packaging material. With a 10mm high input slot, the 400 will perforate and trim virtually all common double and triple wall boxes as a single layer as well as being able to perforate boxes made of thinner (up to 4-4.5mm) cardboard when split and flattened as a double layer, allowing simple, fast and productive operation of these lighter weight boxes.

By punching and embossing a pattern of slits and quilts into waste cardboard, an HSM ProfiPack Cardboard Perforator turns cardboard into a flexible, strong, recycled, environmentally friendly packaging and void fill material. This material can then replace costly single-use plastic alternatives like bubble wrap and air pockets whilst also eliminating waste cardboard disposal costs.
Organisations using a ProfiPack machine in an appropriate setting often see a return on investment of under 12 months.

The ProfiPack is simple to operate via a robust keypad with LED indicators and an integrated jam clearing turbo-function. The cushioning volume of the packaging material can be varied between normal flat output best suited for wrapping, or, with simple volumiser flap lowered, the machine will produce slightly more volumised output, better suited for void fill.

As a tabletop device the C400 is fitted with robust non-slip rubber feet for stability and the convenient recessed lifting handles enable it to be easily lifted, making it a portable device, able to be moved and used wherever it is required.

 If you need any further information and want to talk to use, please contact us here.